In ASEAN countries which economic growth continues, Football is the most popular sports. Partnership agreement with J-League and ASEAN countries has signed one after another, and the number of Japanese football players in these countries has also been increasing.

Through the international football tournament that targeting training age to be held in Bangkok, the center of ASEAN, we aim to raise the level of football in ASIA, and moreover we aim to foster global human resources that can play an active part in the world.

Greeting from Ambassador

I am Masao Kiba who serves as tournament ambassador. I used to be a player in J-League Gamba Osaka(1993-2004), and had a chance to play in football league in Thailand for the last 3 years(2008-2010) as a football player.

Through my experience in J-League/ Thai League and football brought up myself, I established the institute of Japan Dream Football Association, and have carried out our activities to produce the J-League Player from Southeast Asia.

I’m looking forward to see the young players from ASEAN and Japan, who will play a leading role in the near future, playing in this competition aimed at a higher level. And it will be gradually created the opportunities for many players to play in J-League from Southeast Asia through this tournament to be held continuously. I believe it will lead to the development of Asian football scene. I’d like to fulfill the responsibilities as a tournament ambassador so that this tournament is recognized and supported by many people.

I hope that this tournament will be successful, and the future of young player is wide open. 

U-14 ASEAN Dream Football Tournament 2014
Ambassador Masao Kiba

Masao Kiba

Ambassador Profile


Representative Director : Masao Kiba
Born on September 6th, 1974.
Awaji city, Hyogo, Japan.

Graduated from Takigawa Daini High school.
played for the J.League club ‘Gamba Osaka’ (Masao Kiba was the captain during 2001-2003)
Abisupa Fukuoka
Valiente Toyama(local league),a player and a coach
FC-Mio Biwako(local league),a player and a coach
Customs FC (Thailand League)

For twelve years, Masao Kiba was playing football as a player in Gamba Osaka, J. League. He played a total of 284 games in the League with many prominent Japanese players such as Endo, Miyamoto, and Inamoto. He played as the captain of Gamba Osaka for three years(2001-2003). After retiring in 2005, he was a player and a coach simultaneously for two years(2006-2007). In 2008, he made a contract with Customs FC(Thailand League) as a player. After three years he retired. In September, 2011, Masao Kiba established Japan Dream Football Association so that all young players in southeast Asia can hope to become J. League players; at the same time, JDFA will take action to inspire football businesses in both Japan and the other Asian countries.

2012~,J League Asia Ambassador.